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In proceedings of the ACL BioNLP 2015 Workshop

Annotation of Gene-Depression Relations


Rize Jin, Jinseon You, Jin-Woo Chung, Hee-Jin Lee, Maria Wolters, Jong C. Park*


Clinical depression is a mental disorder involving genetics and environmental factors. Although much work studied its genetic causes and numerous candidate genes have consequently been looked into and reported in biomedical literature, no gene expression changes or mutations regarding depression have yet been adequately collected and analyzed for its full pathophysiology. In this paper, we presented a depression-specific corpus in support of the development of advanced text mining systems that target specifically at providing a comprehensive information of depression-gene relations. The annotation scheme of current version can express two events, gene expression changes and depression level or antidepressant effect changes, and the relationship between these two events. The presented corpus shows a high inter-annotator agreement. We also discussed several issues in the domain of depression and made suggestions to extend the annotation scheme further to resolve conflicts and sometimes paradoxes in the acquired knowledge for depression.


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